Why should you protect your skin when camping?

Your skin might not seem very important at first thought, but, in fact, it’s the largest muscle of the body. Considering that it is the uppermost layer of the body, covering all the tissue, muscle and fat layers underneath, this should provoke you to take the utmost care of it.

Now when camping, this is of extreme importance, whether cloudy or clear sunny skies, the Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays will affect the health of your skin, especially when outdoor activities are regular. In the worst case scenario, it could cause serious problems whether That can be sunburn and peeling or as bad as skin cancer.

Dermatologists often recommend using SPF 30 as it will protect 97% of UVB rays that your skin is exposed to and for UVA rays make sure to check for “broad spectrum sunscreen, you can never pack too much. Also make sure to avoid “waterproof” or “sweat-proof” sunscreens the use of these terms on products have been banned by FDA because reapplication is just as important when taking part in water-based/sweaty activities.

Tips on how to apply:

  • The best advice on applying sunscreen is for this to be done before leaving for any journey and it is advised, by dermatologists, for this to be done at least 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun. This will ensure complete absorption of the sunscreen in order for the cream to bind with your skin.
  • For the best performance of the product, reapplication should take place every 2 hours. However, as previously mentioned, if you are excessively sweating or decided to take a quick dip into a lake, it would require reapplying much more often (every hour at least), preferably immediately after getting wet.
  • To incorporate this with the camping experience, you can make applying sunscreen less of a chore to do and use the time during water breaks, map orientation stops, or simply catching your breath on a walk or run to do so. That way, you will constantly keep on top of your skincare whilst still enjoying the outdoors the way it was intended.

Article by Lovey Naomi