How to dress for a summer camping trip

Camping clothing keeps you safe from nature’s elements so that you can maintain a comfortable temperature. For example, during a summer camping trip, the temperature may be high with heavy humidity during the day. You may overheat and find it difficult to enjoy yourself if you do not dress correctly. When the sun sets, the temperature drops, and you must once again be prepared.

Even if you want to camp for two days in the summer, you will need to carry various clothing. Finding the perfect mix might be difficult due to the fluctuation in temperature at night. You might wish to separate your clothing into outfits for different times of the day.


Always consider checking the weather for the duration of the trip so that you can be fully prepared for anything. It is essential to dress appropriately for the temperature therefore, check the weather forecast regularly before your travel to see if there are any rains expected. You’ll want to carry a raincoat or poncho in the case of the event of rain.

Avoid wearing PVC clothes, which, while waterproof, does not breathe and might cause you to overheat. Instead, invest in Gore-Tex, which will keep the water out while also allowing some air to get to you.

Start with the Daytime:

The temperatures will begin to increase as soon as the sun rises. Bring clothing that will keep you cool without showing too much flesh, such as Inner Layers (socks and breathable undergarments), moisture-wicking t-shirts and trousers or shorts and, a lightweight cap or visor is recommended for headwear. Long-sleeved shirts and slacks may appear to be an invitation to roast, but they provide additional protection from insects and unpleasant plants that you could encounter when trekking. For exceptionally bright days, young children may also benefit from light long-sleeved shirts with SPF protection; you won’t have to worry about your sunscreen wearing off over the day this way. Look for clothes with vents, such as light coats with a back opening or sleeves with vents. These allow you to alter your clothes based on the temperature as the day progresses from warmer to chillier.

Preparation for the Night-time:

Consider layering your nightwear instead of wearing standard jammies. A T-shirt or tank top is a good option. A long-sleeved breathable shirt, an oversized sweater and joggers would be a great start. Wearing layers allows you to take off a layer if you become too hot. For evening, wear fleece or nylon clothing, as these materials retain heat better than cotton or wicking fabrics. You may also choose pile or wool, which some people like for socks regardless of the weather.

Some extras:

Of course, if you plan on swimming during your summer camping vacation, you should bring a bathing suit, as well as sturdy shoes. Bring flip flops with you to the shower and the pool. Many individuals also prefer to pack a bandana that could cover their heads on a trek or to put around their neck while they’re sweaty.   

You may use this guide to ensure that you know how to prepare well for your upcoming summer camping trip and the different things to consider in any surprises during your time. Ultimately, it can allow you to be safe, mindful and have the most enjoyable time. Remember to call ahead to book a campsite with us while making great use of the available articles and guides to cater for that camping trip of a lifetime.

Article by Lovey Naomi