Surprisingly enough, onions are very useful. In any situation you can think of when camping, it is highly possible to solve the problem with the simple use of an onion.


One way you can put an onion to use: when you have a small, moderately bleeding cut, to stop the bleeding and to encourage the healing process apply a layer of the thin translucent layer of the onion (this can be found separating the onion layers). Onions have an antimicrobial element by the name of allicin which can also be found in garlic. This element has been researched to reduce inflammation and provide antioxidant benefits. This part of the onion skin will seal the wound and stop the bleeding quickly. This can be used the same way as the plaster and should be changed twice a day for hygienic purposes and to allow the properties of the onion to work.

Cold, flu and fever

Having such a convenient and easily accessible remedy to a cold can come in handy, most especially when outdoor camping, for example, as there would be no need to take up luggage space with an extensive first aid kit and, onions would most likely be packed with your camping kit due to food and cooking etc. Therefore, it requires minimal effort to do. 

There are various ways to go about it. To begin with, there is no specific type of onion, but most tend to make use of white onions over red (though both could still obtain results. When it comes to a cold, at the first signs, eating a whole raw onion is the way to go, though some could shy away from this due to the horrible taste and smell of onions and could just as easily boil an onion with ginger and honey and consume as a drink. The tea acts mixture that provides antibiotic properties and may soothe your sore throat also. It has also been researched that eating a whole raw onion can help to clear your sinuses.

Another remedy that may seem strange before trying to see whether it will actually reap the benefits is to do with onions and socks. It has been said that putting slices of red onion in your sock, most especially when you have the flu, will reduce the illness or even cure it. Leaving them in overnight during your camping rest in the warmth of your sleeping bag is the best option here. This is to be taken lightly as remedies such as these may not work in the same way for everyone. A similar thing could be down for bringing down a high fever if you do the same with a hint of minced garlic (which has the same properties as an onion) and some chopped potatoes. However, it’s possible for this to be impractical, especially when camping/the type of camping.


Give this onion paste home cure a try if you have an infected wound, boil, bug bite, or even cellulitis. Do not think it’s not easy for a wound, bite or sting to get infected. In the ideal world, this would be eliminated beforehand with the use of translucent onion skin. However, it would be very dependent on the size and depth of the wound and how much it is bleeding. Firstly, bring milk to a boil, and then pour it over a thick slice of white bread. On top of the white bread, grate a whole medium-sized onion, then begin to mash this up to make a paste out of it. Then, you can proceed to apply the onion, milk, and bread mixture to the affected region after cleaning it. Using the paste, apply it to the affected region and allow the mixture to solidify and suck out the infection by remaining motionless. It’s crucial to keep the seal intact, and the virus will begin to leave your body within a few hours. Until the infection is gone, clean the area and surrounding area and repeat these steps twice a day.


Burns are usually a difficult one to heal/treat quickly. This is more of a method for protecting the burn and preventing infection or slowing down that healing process, which will come in very useful for the exciting instances when lighting/creating the fire for your meal. 

Have you ever burned yourself on a pan while cooking? Or, in a more specific case, get a little too close to the campfire during lighting or even once it’s lit? Grab an onion as soon as possible. Simply cut it in half and place it on the burn for two minutes, and the soothing and healing should begin immediately. Then, to speed up the healing process, whisk up some egg whites and apply them to the burnt area. This will provide a protective barrier as they dry. Cover the wound with a fresh gauze bandage. As needed, clean and change the dressing.

Article by Lovey Naomi