Surprisingly enough, onions are very useful, and many problems can be solved with the simple use of them while camping. 


Continuing from the previous part, this will address the use of onion for earaches and further infections.

To begin with, most ear infections resolve on their own. However, you should still consult a doctor since these illnesses can have significant consequences. Using an onion on these infections may provide the impression that it is helpful, even if it is merely the discomfort subsiding as the condition progresses. There are, however, a few elements of the warm-onion-juice treatment that overlap with more general remedies. A warm compress, for example, often helps relieve ear pain. However, we like to view things from a more primitive and camping out perspective.

Firstly, cook the onion for 15 minutes at 450 degrees or until tender in a microwave on high. Remove the onion from the heat and cool completely before cutting it in half and squeezing any remaining liquid into a small bowl. Fill a medicine dropper halfway with the leftover liquid after straining out any bits and particles from the juice using a paper towel or coffee filter. Once you’re finished, use a few drops in your ear. 

Another age-old remedy is to slip a heated onion over your ear or using the small little nub in the onion’s centre (the “onion heart”) inside your ear and leave it there overnight. The goal for this is to allow the onion’s juices to enter the ear canal. 

Chronic Cough

If you develop a cough that will not go away, the onion may solve this problem for you. It is simple enough, peel an onion and chop it to roughly 2cm slices. Then use one tablespoon of brown sugar, preferably the smaller granules, and rub this all over the onions slices. Cover and let them sit for one hour. Once the time is up, you can gradually eat this onion sugar relish until the whole onion is finished. 

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea is a sensation of disquiet and discomfort in the upper stomach accompanied by an uncontrollable desire to vomit. Many factors can induce it, including morning sickness, motion sickness, dehydration, food poisoning, medicines, pollution, and overeating. Taking onions when you get this feeling will help you gradually get rid of the condition. To procced, you will need one teaspoon of onion juice and a teaspoon of grated ginger.

To extract the onion juice itself, you should roughly peel and grate a white onion and, using a tea towel/cheese cloth wrap it into a tight ball and use a tenderiser or the most practical object within your surroundings to beat all the juices out of the onion. Then to drain the juices from the cloth, squeeze from the top down, extracting as much as possible into a small cup or bowl. 

Finally, combine the onion juice with the grated ginger. To obtain relief from nausea, take this with a spoon. This also soothes your stomach, allowing you to feel better.

Another method that allegedly provides quicker results is to take two teaspoons of the onion juice. To go with this, boil some peppermint tea if it is fresh peppermint. I would suggest doing this beforehand to allow it to brew well; dried in tea bags should be fine boil once the juice is made. Then take two teaspoons of peppermint tea once cooled. Continue to repeat these doses every hour until nausea subsides. Some have reported vomiting to stop immediately, though it can take time in some cases. Then, nausea can slowly but surely subside after vomiting has stopped.


This method is extremely useful for camping as you are constantly exposed to bugs and insects therefore, it is useful to have knowledge on a natural form of insect repellent and always keep an onion handy whenever you’re looking to stay a few nights in the great outdoors. Simply ingesting the onion may produce results however, it has also been shown to work in cases where you take half an onion and rub the face of the onion on your skin. Target the “hot spots” (places that will most be exposed to insects); areas such as the ankles, wrists, neck, arms, calves and, thighs. This is all that is needed to achieve your natural repellent. This same remedy could benefit you when you are actually bitten/stung. Using an onion slice, in the same way, will soothe the site of the bite or sting and ease the pain.

Article by Lovey Naomi